Press Contact

The SciCast project ended in 2015. If you would like further information, please send a message to klaskey, ctwardy, or tlevitt at  For other contact information, visit our web site.

SciCast in the Media

BitBet, Fairlay, BetMoose: Meet Bitcoin’s Prediction Markets – CoinTelegraph – 11/2/14

SciCast: World’s Largest Crowdsourced Science and Technology Forecasting Site – Industry Tap – 9/14/14

U.S. Intelligence Community Explores More Rigorous Ways to Forecast Events – Wall Street Journal – 9/5/14

Science AMA Series: Drs. Robin Hanson and Charles Twardy from George Mason University’s SciCast project – Reddit – 8/21/14

Forecasting Chemistry – ACS Webinar [Slides] – 8/20/14

SciCast Calls for ISACA members to make predictions – ISACA Now – 7/21/14

AAAS policy fellow makes predictions about tomorrow today – AAAS – 7/15/14

SciCast Wants To Crowdsource Forecasting The Future – Science 2.0 – 6/25/14

SciCast Calls for Science, Technology Experts to Make Predictions – 6/19/14

SciCast, Crowdsourcing Science and Technology Forecasting For Policy – Wilson Commons Lab – 5/23/14

Text-mining offers clues to success – Nature – 5/20/14

Dicty World Race – finding the fastest and smartest Dicty cells – Experiment – 5/16/14

The game is on – Nature – 5/7/14

Robin Hanson: in-depth interview on prediction markets – Sintentia -4/28/14

Scientists, Start Your Dictyostelium: Researchers Rev Up for Slime-Mold Race – Wall Street Journal – 3/10/14

Chess under Computational Sciences at – – 2/26/14

Robin Hanson – SciCast, Prediction Markets & Future Day – Science, Technology, Future [Video] – 2/4/14

Robin Hanson – SciCast, Prediction Markets & Future Day – Exponential Times – 2/5/14

Science and technology prediction market opens – Adi Gaskell – 1/13/14

SciCast Crowdsources Forecasts on Science and Technology Events and Innovations – GMU News – 1/10/14

Announcing: SciCast – Overcoming Bias – 1/3/14

SciCast: a Crowdsourced Forecasting Platform for Science and Technology – KDnuggets – 1/14

Crowdsourcing forecasts on science and technology events and innovations – KurzweilAI – 1/10/14

SciCast Launch! Crowdsourced Forecasting Project from George Mason University – Chicago Tribune – 12/16/13

Other Resources

Overcoming Bias –  Robin Hanson’s blog on prediction markets, forecasting, futures, and tech
Future Perfect – the old blog for DAGGRE, the previous incarnation of SciCast
Replication Markets – a successor to SciCast, launched in 2019.

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