Month of thanks – Amazon gift card winners galore!

The following people won Amazon gift cards for activity on during Activity Reward Tuesday over the past four weeks. A belated congratulations to all of our winners! Learn more about the special.

$25 Amazon Gift Card Winners

July 22, 2014
spaf, pigmoose, hippolyta, scicast33, bw, Chambers, Hotshot, poopstix, RuneMan, Recurring, sflicht, Tender, Luka, jompy, IntelInside, Relax, Robert, maverickmath, Phoenix, Melilo

July 29, 2014
IntelInside, Luka, Recurring, Salemicus, trufflecutter, poopstix, peaigr, sflicht, william.quixote, pigmoose, Robert, ksafran356, Chambers, hippolyta, fulcher589, Ojhe, jkominek, Phoenix, Relax, dvasya, Redsoxfan1016, Tender,  maverickmath, mansi1986, ampgurl88

August 5, 2014
sflicht, Chambers, Luka, Tender, Recurring, IntelInside, william.quixote,  peecord, Robert, hippolyta, dvasya, jkominek, pigmoose, Dopefer, Miku

August 12, 2014
Miku, fgarcin, benthinkin, palexd, dvasya, jkominek, banneradman, Relax, ejrowi, brigadier, PrieurDeLaCoteD’Or, pressurization, Luka, Recycler, IntelInside, Hotshot, ted, sflicht, pigmoose, hcamper

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