SciCast Surveys – Please help our research efforts

Survey response rates typically decline with age, and newer technologies are better for surveying younger people, so we were surprised by the self-reported ages of people who volunteered to take our survey. See the distribution below. The number of users who are 25-32 years and users who are 60-69 years are about equal. We even have a fair number of users 80 and older.


Because only a small portion of users completed the survey, it’s possible that self-selection might have skewed the results, but there’s no good way to tell. Whether or not you think that graph represents our core users, the best way for us to find out is for more people to take the survey. It’s broken into four parts that you can find by logging in and clicking on the “Profile and Settings” tab on your dashboard. See below.

Profile Survey



9 thoughts on “SciCast Surveys – Please help our research efforts

  1. From what I’ve seen of the “core users,” I would suggest that the only way to get a perfectly representative sample would be to offer $25 Amazon gift cards for completing the survey.

  2. do the links go away once we’ve filled the surveys out? i thought i filled them out (but i’m not sure), and would certainly be happy to do so again if they somehow didn’t take. i’d just hate to fill it out more than once.

  3. Yeah, I keep retaking the surveys every time I get an email or prompt asking me to. Do the surveys change, or am I filling out the same survey each time? It would be nice if there was an indicator that said whether we’d filled out the survey before.

    • There are a number of surveys available to take, and once you’ve filled one out although the link remains, the option to complete it should go away and the survey should open to the next available survey.

  4. P.S. Thanks SciCast team for all your hard work in making this prediction market function. I know people (including me) have a tendency to complain, so I just wanted to balance that out by letting you know that we appreciate your efforts.

    • You are correct. Unfortunately, no team had 50 participants. You should have received an email message about this. We emailed all participants (who had provided a valid email address) to let them know – and to let them know about the current incentives we’re offering.

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