New Features on SciCast!

The latest updates to SciCast include Quick Forecast and a Recommender.

Quick Forecast: We now feature a “Quick Forecast” button for quickly adjusting the forecast without leaving the Question List. (You can still click the question text to get the full forecasting screen with Background etc.)

Quick Forecast

To make a quick trade, click “Quick Forecast” on any question and a pop-up will appear with the choices and current forecasts. You can forecast normally, and when you close the pop-up, you are still in the question list.

Quick Forecast

On a multiple-choice question like this, select an option to reveal the forecasting widget: adjust the chances & click Submit Your Forecast, or switch to power mode and submit. Then repeat for other questions in the Question List!

Click the question text itself to get the full forecasting screen with Background, Trends, and Discussion.

Recommender Launch: Look for the recommendations box on the Exchange page.



Use the arrows to page through the top 10 recommended questions.  The more you forecast, the better the recommendations should become.

Also, the Default sort order on the Question List now uses the Recommender, so as you use the system, more interesting questions should move to the top.


Other sort options include “Ending Soonest” (the old Default), “Newest”, and “Oldest”.


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